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    Ford Racing


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    Ford Racing

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    Ford Racing 3

    Ford Racing 3

    Game possibilities became wider: has increased both a motor-vehicle
    pool, and places for carrying out of competitions. The game cursor has
    undergone to substantial improvements also – models of cars completely
    correspond now to the analogues, and landscapes of lines abound not
    only characteristic for a series with natural beauty, but also set of
    fine details. The physics Ford Drajv 3 became even more realistic, as
    much as possible having approached behaviour of everyone virtual Ťan
    iron horseť to the prototype.

    Features of game:

    - 55 perfectly well worked models of mark "Ford" - you will see cars of
    all epoch and directions, including, trucks and the prototypes existing
    only on a paper;

    - 26 the most beautiful lines – possibility to drive not only on equal
    asphalt highways will be presented to you, but also to learn all
    complexities of management in the conditions of severe impassability.;

    - Huge variety of game modes, additional cars and the lines opened in process of successful passage of competition;

    - Unique mode of competition including 14 championships;

    - Game Possibility on a network.

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