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    Microsoft Office 2007 for Mobile 6 Fully Licensed 040908 US


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    Microsoft Office 2007 for Mobile 6 Fully Licensed 040908 US

    Postaj by Admin on pon lis 06 2008, 18:22

    Microsoft Office 2007 for Mobile 6 Fully Licensed 040908 US (NEW)

    Microsoft Office Mobile on your Windows Mobile phone to get the
    familiar Microsoft look and feel as well as the services that you’re
    used to. Even when you’re on the road, you can open and edit Microsoft
    Office Word and Microsoft Office Excel documents, and view Microsoft
    Office PowerPoint documents! When used on a touch screen phone, Office
    Mobile comes with some additional features, such as word count and the
    ability to check spelling in Word Mobile, chart creation in Excel
    Mobile, plus the ability to highlight sections of content and create

    Microsoft Office Excel Mobile:
    Microsoft Office Excel Mobile*, you can update your data on the go. The
    latest version of Excel Mobile is compatible with Microsoft Office
    Excel 2007 and features a rich viewing experience that lets you work
    with your spreadsheets just like you do back at the office. Plus, when
    you edit spreadsheets on your phone, the formatting and changes are
    preserved, so they look the way they’re supposed to when you open them
    on your PC.

    Microsoft Office Word Mobile:
    View and
    update Microsoft Word documents that look much like they do on your PC.
    The latest version of Microsoft Office Word Mobile is compatible with
    Microsoft Office Word 2007 and lets you open, view, and edit documents
    while you’re on the move. Save changes on your phone and be confident
    that the edits and formatting you make on your phone will stay intact
    even when you open the document on your PC.

    Microsoft Office PowerPoint Mobile:
    not use travel time to practice your presentation? With Microsoft
    Office PowerPoint Mobile*, you can view and rehearse your presentation
    when you’re away from your desk.

    Download: 11 MB


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