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    Motorola Phone Tools Deluxe v4.5.1c For all Motorola Phones


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    Motorola Phone Tools Deluxe v4.5.1c For all Motorola Phones

    Postaj by Admin on pon lis 06 2008, 18:46

    Motorola Phone Tools Deluxe v4.5.1c For all Motorola Phones

    Full version, no key needed for all phone motorola phones via phone cable, usb or bluetooth!

    Mobile Phone Tools with your laptop to create a complete mobile office.
    Install it on your laptop and synchronize your PC and your cell phone.
    Your contacts, calendar and tasks will always be in sync and you?ll be
    able to get on line almost anywhere.

    1. Get online, even if
    there?s no network. Connect your laptop to your cell phone, and using
    your cell phone as a modem, get connected to the Internet. Mobile
    PhoneTools v3 uses new communication technologies (GPRS, UMTS, GSM) for
    efficient, high-speed connections. Includes a GPRS connection wizard as
    well as parameters for the major cell phone operators to make it easy
    to configure.

    2. Synchronize you cell phone with your PC. Send
    and receive email, synchronize your cell phone contacts and calendar
    with your PC via MS Outlook. Mobile Phone Tools has complete Outlook

    3.Manage communications efficiently from your
    mobile office: Send and receive email, send SMS, MMS and fax messages
    from the convenience of your laptop using your cell phone to get you

    4. Explore the multimedia features of your phone. Mobile
    Phone Tools includes ringtone software so you can make your own
    ringtones and transfer them to your phone via Bluetooth, infrared or
    cable. Plus wallpaper and video editing tools to personalize your cell
    phone exactly the way you want.

    Download: 62 MB


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