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    Race Driver: GRID v1.2 Multilanguage - ISO File

    Get ready for a revolution in racing with the RaceDriver: GRID™. This game brings the world of motorsport to life, from muscle cars charging through the ironic streets of San Francisco and prestige marques competing in the legendary Le Mans 24 Hours race through to drift cars around the docks of Yokohama.
    The GRID features only the most exhilarating racing cars. Race with some gorgeous examples from Aston Martins to Pagani Zondas and blaze the road with you trail. Welcome to GRID. Racing just got exciting again.

    Game features:
    • Contains 3 distinct regions featuring US, Japan and Europe
    • 3 distinct racing styles that include Muscle cars, city racing, drift racing, traditional circuit racing
    • Progress and create your own race team, hire co-drivers, and attract real-life big sponsors
    • 20 car grids, bigger than any other racing game, fully licensed cars and tracks, all fully damageable
    • Slicker, sexier, presentation similar to a Hollywood film

    System requirements:
    • Windows XP/Vista
    • DirectX 9c
    • 3 GHz / multi-core 2.6 GHz
    • 1 GB RAM
    • 256 MB Video

    Resolution: Custom Fullscreen/Windowed

    Home page -

    Download Link (torrent): 0.37 MB (ISO File 6.42 GB)

    Patch v1.2: 193 MB

    Crack Only: 8.45 MB

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